Season of Adventure-my Arizona Art Journal

Once again it is Get Messy Thursday! As we did not have a prompt set this week, and I have had a light sensitive headache all day and did not get finished what I wanted to share today. I thought I would share one of my travel art journals today.

I currently have 4 travel inspired altered book art journals:

Arizona, Chicago, Columbus and Dallas. All inspired by trips or places I frequently tavel to, I always collect paper ephemera as I travel and they to use that as the primary materials in these journals.

Today Imwanted to share some of my Arizona art journal. Inspired by the trip my Mom and I took last year to visit my Grandma in her winter home in Arizona.

Here it the title spread:

Mainly acrylic paint and markers. With a bit of collage cut from one of the Arizona newspapers I collected.

The index page. Horses always remind me of my grandma as we always rode her horses together.

Left page used a gift card as a stencil and then filled in the colored boxes with words about our trip. Right page hand cut Arizona state stencil with a bit of collage.

All washi tape greenhouse page

I used painters tape embellished with colored pencils to look like the wonderful Pal verde trees that we saw everywhere in Phoenix.

I love the photos in this book of cactus and su let’s that I chose to be this journal. This page was a photograph of these great red flowers that I just altered with painting out sections with acrylic paint.  I also outlined the petals with onc of my brush pens and colored some of the petals with markers.

This is my favorite spread in this journal: Arizona Rememberance.

The news paper Grandma subscribed to it the Arizona Repiblican (I think) so I used most of the standard head and then cut out the rest of the letters I needed for remembrance from other headlines in the paper.

I call this the “not in Nebraska anymore” part  of the page. I liked that this photo kind of looks like me and my westie Waffle 😉.

This part of the page is about the day my older brother and his girlfriend took mom and I hiking in Sedona, AZ. We hiked around Bell rock in the picture. The shadows is actually a photos I took of all of our shadows printed out on tracing paper and then outlines with brush pens. And I used ripped newspapers to create the mountains that surround Phoenix.

So that is a look at all I have done in my Wrizona art journal so far. All the paper I used for collage elements is either collected in AZ during my trip or is photos I took.


The Feeling of a Place and Time-Get Messy, Season of Adventure-wk 1

I am joining with my fellow Get Messyians In the Season of Adventure. (more about Get Messy Art Journal challenge here as I was taking care of my Grandmother, and with out wifi for most of the season of Brave I was not able to participate in it as much as I wanted to. But after my incredibly hard April/May I really need to return to more Art in my life. I have missed the creative practice so much. So I am really going to challenge myself and join the ladies who are going to be sharing their art journals from the prompts every Thursday for the season of Adventure.

So for this week we are to share our sensory experience of a place. Which imediately brought to mind the amazing flowering tree at the end of April in Columbus. I don’t know when I have ever seen flowering trees blooms to last for so long. My daily walks with waffle into this gloriously scented and exquisitely painted landscape. Is one of the things that kept me sane during the long and grueling days I spent being the only able bodied and responsible “grown up”. As I spent the month being caregiver  for my Grandmother (and her husband) as she recovered from knee replacement surgery.

So I wanted to capture the atmosphere of that place and time, on those long walks with my westie and my Polaroid cameras. I tend to be obsessive detail girl, so I really tried to challenge myself to be more impressionistic. To capture the essentials and the feeling, to be as minimalistic as I could. I am very happy with the result. I wanted to get the the whole spread done for Thursday but I did get the left page finished and hopefully can get the other page with my polaroid photos done tomorrow. But here is my page:

My last I process shot, yes I have paint on my hands so you can tell I was happy:  
  This is my favorite series of Polaroids that I took in Columbus they will,go on the right hand page when it is finished. 

I did an overly page of tracing paper to put my journaling on to represent things floating in the air:



And the little details that help tell the story: